Disgraced former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn nowhere

After a week inside a jail cell and under worldwide scrutiny, accused Parisian pervert Dominique Strauss-Kahn disappeared Saturday inside his pricey pseudo-prison.

Neighbors in his posh lower Manhattan tower/jail cell said they couldn’t catch a glimpse of the accused sex offender, held under round-the-clock armed guard in their midst.

“I didn’t see him, and it’s very quiet,” said one resident. “I saw security in the building and the media across the street.”

Strauss-Kahn arrived Friday night after posting $6 million to escape from Rikers Island. A Con Ed worker said the one-time potential French president made a decidedly low-key entrance.

“Two guys escorted him out of a black SUV,” recounted Adley Ambrose, 34. “He looked like a normal dude, but he was walking fast – like he wanted to get somewhere.”

Once inside the building, where rents run from $3,250 per month for a one-bedroom, Strauss-Kahn vanished into his locked-down apartment.

While the defendant remained absent, his high-powered defense team stayed busy.

They solicited public relations advice from a Washington consulting firm headed by ex-CIA officers and American diplomats.

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